One of Those Days……

I had 6 hours of continuous sleep which though is shorter than the target of seven hours, is good considering the recent records.

And I am following the ’emotional detox’ of my great blog friend and want to be positive and extremely nice.

In fact I had messaged a few of my friends saying that I am on this detox and want to be extremely nice. Some ignored, some said okay, some said I am already nice. But I want to be extremely nice, which I know I am not!

So with all enthusiasm I opened my whatsapp messages. Wa la, not even a single message!

I went ahead and sent ‘ good morning’ to some close friends. (Happy morning to those who think good is not vibrant). Some responses came but I could see question marks ‘whatsapp?’

So I explained, and was Happy to see them doing things to cheer me up.

Then the expose. A dear friend said “Kurian, we are all net addicts’ wow, true, isn’t it?

Then what about this blog site. I am truly and sincerely addicted. My favourite people are here, friends, relations, critics, love, soulmates, poets, geniuses, admirers and admired, dream partners, those capable of making angel fall in love with devil. Wow 😮

As long as I am in here, it’s all okay 😍

One of Those Days……

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