Exotic Fruits……

Yesterday’s trip to ancestral home in Thidanad has been quite satisfying. I managed to distribute ‘chakka undas’ to siblings and received more jackfruits, mangoes, pappaya, pineapple etc.

And the torrential downpour on the drive back was difficult but most enjoyable.

The first picture here is Mangosteen, the queen of all exotic Fruits. The second one is Rambuttan, and the second in ranking.

In another 20 days, the place will be full of mangosteens and rambuttans. And I am looking forward to it.

Exotic Tropical Fruits……

Exotic Fruits……

8 thoughts on “Exotic Fruits……

    1. It’s Mullanpazham for me too. Indira.
      By the way way, when I took the photo with my iPhone, I was thinking about you and your photography skills.
      Good photo opportunity in Thidanad and on our drive through the rains

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      1. hi Kurian…Wow,, India! I live in Jakarta. but my parents and parents-in-laws live in Cinere and Ciputat, suburbs area that have lots of tree, such as rambutan, mangosteen, durian, papaya, mangoe, and many more.. do you like durian, Kurian?


      2. Wow Jakarta! I am sure the suburbs are beautiful. I was in Bali in March. Kerala and Bali has similarities.
        Durian, i have tried. It’s a stronger version of Jackfruit. And must be an acquired taste.
        Keep in touch 😊

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  1. Rosy Mathew says:

    I am from india. I always loved having those tropical fruits like jackfruit, mangosteen, lychee, bell fruit apples and guava. My maiden home is in kottayam. whenever we go over there for vacation, it’s war with my brothers and cousin for jackfruit. I still remember living in the backwater area, we always had someone climb the tree so we could have some coconut water. Afterwards, scooping the inside to eat the coconut.

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    1. Hello Rosy, I am very happy to be connected with you. I am also from Kottayam district, from village Thidanad near kanjirapally and Pala.
      We live on the waterfront in Thevara kochi and we have our ancestral home in Thidanad. The beauty of interior Kerala is something enchanting.
      I will be following your posts.
      Good morning

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