Net Brushing……

Just when I was thinking about returning to traditional methods in Brushing teeth like use of ‘Umikkari’ (charcoal stage burned rice husks) and neem leaves with stem, a dentist relation presented me this gadget on my Birthday.

This Oral B electric brush is not just that. It does more. It has a mobile stand with which you can place the mobile phone by the side of the mirror on the wall.

Connected to internet to their program site, it takes over your brushing. You just have to follow instructions. Like ‘move it three times on the left molar’. etc etc

But wait, it takes a while to learn the process.

Net Brushing……

10 thoughts on “Net Brushing……

    1. Interesting, isn’t it.
      Apparently it would tell you how many brushing strokes you need in a particular area etc. But like you said I may just use it as an electric brush.
      Thank you Indira

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