Sky is a Wonderful Place……

I love this seat in Qatar Airways Doha-JFK-Doha sector. I had my personal cabin 5A for the to and fro journeys.

Sunu, my wife was on 6B. Well, the airline is not insensitive, the layout is carefully designed for privacy within privacy. Both are window seats, one behind the other, but I have to stand up and lean over, if I have to see her or speak to her.

Clearly, both of us loved the internal privacy.

Kudos to QR.

No wonder, when the pilot announced the return flight time as something over 11 hours, I was concerned! It’s some two hours less than the onward journey. Certainly less time for movies and sleeping time on the spacious flat bed.

One or two things, which perhaps I will alert the airline. The movie list for the March and April flights were more or less the same!!! What’s the use of 21″ screen if you don’t have the show!

Personal care, well it could turn the cheek pink. Perfect. Of course, the super polite, non complicated Kurian can disarm even the best (boasting). And I refused the offer to make the bed, coyly, of course!

(I looked up the dictionary meaning of coyly- in an outwardly shy or modest way intended to be alluring)☺️

Sky is a Wonderful Place……

20 thoughts on “Sky is a Wonderful Place……

  1. Haha…you have a way with the words KJ. Simple yet exquisite…. Beautiful narration and a good photograph for the real effect of feelings for us. I am glad you thoroughly enjoyed ur trip especially the the time u were among the clouds in the sky. Can we expect a poem too about the pleasure of flying among the puffed up God given pillows.😃

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      1. That’s the spirit KJ. If you want you can visit my blog, if it might inspire you to write poems as.that’s what i do mostly. Tdy too i have.posted a collab with another blogger and dear friend and great writer himself Alien Poet.

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