The Journey Back……

I am getting ready for the long flight back to Kochi. Last month and a half have been fabulous with family getting together and a memorable holiday in Cancun, Mexico.

Florida has been pleasant but Kochi will be a furnace (to many), this time of the year. But I don’t mind and somehow, I tend to find positives in such circumstances.

Apparently the summer rain is on. My brother told me that the river in front of the land where I am planning some dream things, is full.

And the ‘private suite’ in Qatar Airways is to be comfortable for about 4 to 5 (may be more) movies. My wife is also happy with the seating in the Florida- Doha sector, where I won’t be overlooking on what she would do in her space.

Lots to be done when back at home.

The Journey Back……

6 thoughts on “The Journey Back……

    1. That’s wonderful. I am living in Thevara waterfront in Kochi. Please do let me know when you plan the visit. I can at least give some recommendations. And perhaps we can meet also along with your sister πŸ‘

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