Data Use……

Now is the time when a lot of hue and cry have been raised about data abuse by leading social media and otherwise groups, using analytics.

It’s big news because the world’s most powerful nation got it’s new president elected using analytics cues supplied by an intelligent analytics company using social media data.

It sounds evil, but it also can be considered as smart. I am saying this because the option was available to the other side also and again, the analytics sorted out characteristics peculiar to sections of voters for the candidate to form a winning election strategy.

I have seen similar processes during my stint as advisor to the world’s largest pure play analytics company.

One must admit that private data is used. But I don’t think any individual is identified for the profiling. It must have created groups with similar characteristics.

Such information can be of immense use if utilised for beneficial aspects. Big data and analytics are set to stay and grow.

Data Use……

3 thoughts on “Data Use……

  1. There have always been ways to find out what people think and want. I think the analytics are more discriminating than the old idea that everyone in one neighborhood was the same. That led to discriminatory lending practices here.

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  2. I agree with you. We get upset when others do what we failed to see we could have done, too, crying foul, claiming morality and ethics. My personal opinion us don’t share your data unnecessarily if you are private. Be the private person that you are.


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