Happy Birthday to Me……

Birthday is a special occasion to celebrate. We do that irrespective of whether the Birthday person is happy about getting older and reminded of it or not.

It’s certainly an occasion for family to celebrate and if possible to assemble together, cut a cake and sing Happy Birthday.

I have developed a habit to count the number of greetings received on Facebook. Well, i don’t have to count, Facebook does that for me.

Then, when the greetings running into hundreds give me the satisfaction of being in company.

Today (April 8), when I have my birthday, I am noticing a slow pick up in the number of friends greeting me on Facebook.

And you can now see that I am concerned about it.

I must console myself with the argument that Facebook is losing popularity with all the talk about data breach etc.

It’s then not the superpowers that are on scanner and thus affected by analytical use of Facebook data.

I am also affected by the decline in number of greetings on my birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Me……

44 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me……

    1. Thank you Anne
      I know, though there’s a lower number on FB overall there’s a marked increase in number of people wishing.
      I want more friends. Thank you for being there


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