Cricket- IPL……

Indian Premier League (IPL) with TV rights of a billion dollars and bigger viewership worldwide is open today.

This is perhaps the biggest sporting extravaganza in India and now ranks third in the world in money terms.

Again, nothing perhaps takes so much of the Indian’s time than these match filled days.

This year my support is for Chennai Super Kings. One reason that MS Dhoni is captain. Second that the theme song is by my Niece’s husband’s company and my niece briefly appears in the dance.

Let the show begin……

Cricket- IPL……

14 thoughts on “Cricket- IPL……

  1. Did try to keep up first few years, but gradually find myself drifting away from T20. Maybe too old to get used to the slam-bang variety. However, it has definitely improved cricketers’ fitness and fielding levels. And allowed the riches of cricket to percolate down to many more players.

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