Naadan Kallu (Kerala Toddy) in Florida……

Choonda Pana (palm tree) or the Kallu pana (toddy palm) is variety of of palm tree on which the toddy is extracted.

In Kerala, people with the right skills and tools tap the palm tree flowers in a skilled way and toddy flows into the earthen pots placed cleverly on the tapped flower bunch.

The picture here is choonda pana in Florida and then it’s not a surprise that toddy in plenty is available in Malayalee circles.

Enterprising Keralaits in Florida tap the tree in their backyards to get toddy. They use scissors instead of the special tool used in Kerala. About 2 litres of toddy, a day is collected this way.

No wonder then the appams in Malayalee houses are authentic with toddy used instead of yeast which we in Kerala are forced to use as good toddy is not available.

Even better, paani which is a unique honey like syrup made by boiling toddy is available in Florida while it’s a rare thing in Kerala.

By the way it’s chooda pana as the stem of the branch is used by us in childhood as fishing rods.

Naadan Kallu (Kerala Toddy) in Florida……

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