Crowded Maundy Thursday……

Churches in USA are generally full on Sundays. This is different in UK where there are much less worshippers on a regular Sunday.

However, landmark days like Christmas, Easter, Maundy Thursday etc are super crowded in both the places.

Last evening, we ventured to church for the Maundy Thursday functions and faced the rush. As a start, we didn’t get any place in the huge church parking and had to keep the car on a side road.

Then I had to stand throughout the mass. But the celebrations were excellent.

Back home, my wife had ensured that the traditional INRI Appam and paal (a very desirable preparation of jaggery, coconut milk, crushed cardamom and a little rice powder for thickening) are ready for me as head of the family to cut and distribute.

The spirit of Kerala in Florida

Crowded Maundy Thursday……

6 thoughts on “Crowded Maundy Thursday……

  1. We had a wonderful Maundy Thursday also. We all share a pilgrim supper then sing our way to the sanctuary for Mass. Packed service, though our church is very well attended year round with five weekend Masses.

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