When in Rome……Eat Like a……

It was not nostalgia, but may be to check it out, that we tried an Indian restaurant in Tampa Florida.

The experience is fully supporting the saying ‘when in Rome, be like a Roman’.

I am not worried about the quality of food, which perhaps I should give credit to them for reproducing some authenticity. But it’s the other things that supports the saying.

For one, the guests coming in are eager to show off their familiarity with the management and staff. I should not be bothered about this, but it means you’re somewhat invisible!

The one who served us finally, appeared reluctant. Perhaps he’s one of the techie qualified (he confirmed he’s from the state where the restaurant name is originated) who’s still searching for a job, and the current one is means for survival.

There was a mistake in the bill. No! They billed us less and I pointed at their mistake, for which he asked me if I have a pen!

I couldn’t help but to show my silent, sarcastic smile and stare. Obviously the engineer thought I was different from other attention seeking guests.

We were preparing to give the 10% tip and there were murmurs among us that for the type of service we should be doling out less.

The techie came back with corrected bill but added 15% as gratification from us. Apparently some high end places in North America charges 15% when there are 6+ people to serve. But for this outfit it doesn’t matter if two of the six are children, and the place is no super end or gilted.

Certainly……when in Rome, eat like a Roman.

When in Rome……Eat Like a……

2 thoughts on “When in Rome……Eat Like a……

  1. Even 10% would have been seen as a slight now in the U.S. We generally tip at minimum 15% and often 20%. On the other hand, you wouldn’t be coming back, so it really doesn’t matter. How is Indian food(what region?) in Florida?

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