The World is My Oyster……

Well, my friends whose passports take you to any corner of the world without hassles, may not understand what I am talking about.

I just discovered that any passport with a valid US visa on it can get you into some exotic countries.

Bang on……and we were in Mexico- Cancun. The entry process is smooth and we just experienced the best resort bash we ever had.

Mexico is not the only country allowing US visa for entry. Next exotic place I found, meeting the criteria, is Costa Rica. And I am busy working on a few days of ecotourism there. (Cancun was beach).

Another one is Jamaica. Before singing Jamaican farewell, I have to count the money and may have to move it to the next US visit.

And hopefully there’s enough for a Costa Rican experience.

Importantly that would be the first entry into the continent of South America.

I am proud to hold my Indian passport and the world is my oyster……

The World is My Oyster……

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