Self-Actualisation of a Follower……

It’s the feeling of having scaled the pyramid. The blog community is giving that rare reach, the feeling of having succeeded in getting the revered back at the wailing of this ardent follower.

I have the greatest, responding to my plea of being around. This is worth it’s weight in gold, as I am just a commentator, privy to wisdom of some of the best talents.

Privy to poetic description of social aspects, best expressions on passion and love and willingness to share in the company of greatest friends where personal identity is not visible.

Welcome to this unique world, a world perhaps Maslow has overlooked when he placed ‘Self Actualisation’ at the top of the hierarchical pyramid, suggesting a near impossibility to climb.

Come in to this world and join me at the top of the pyramid……

Self-Actualisation of a Follower……

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