Kuriante Athen Thottam……

The business class suite on Qatar Airways 777-300ER is simply lovely. I was expecting two flat bed seats, side by side with Sunu, but surprised with a completely private suite for us separately.

Business travel was mostly on company account with occasional upgrades to First class which my British Airways gold card facilitated due to some frequent travel. This was thanks to Standard Chartered when I was posted in London with frequent travel to many countries in Africa. Once I was traveling with my boss and I was upgraded to first at the gate and I had to say ‘no, can do’ as my boss who just moved from Singapore to London had only a blue card.

This time it was on personal account and I was just ok with flat bed ordinary seat for the Kochi- Doha sector. But the 13 plus hour Doha-JFK sector had these suites. There was the pyjama suit also given which I have seen only on British Airways first class.

I watched 3 Malayalam and one English movie and enjoyed some good sleep on the comfortable bed. Another positive was consuming less and healthy food as food was on order anytime and not the pre-set menu.

Then what’s this about Athen Thottam!!! One of the Malayalam movies was ‘Ramante Athen Thottam. (Raman’s Garden of Eden).

And I felt like I had my own Garden of Eden.

Kuriante Athen Thottam……

Kuriante Athen Thottam……

4 thoughts on “Kuriante Athen Thottam……

  1. Oh my word. Here we are crowded into seat smaller than the bus. Can you believe that bus travel and train travel are now more comfortable(albeit slower)than air travel. In the Northeast, we often choose those modes over planes now.

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