Solicited Charity……

I have practically stopped giving money to organisations set-up for collecting money for charitable purposes. This is in view of the declining credibility and sporadic scandals associated with some such set-ups claiming to be helping people with money, clean environment etc.

In fact the earlier prime minister of India, who i trust, had to come out and expose some international organisations.

The advantage in going through them is that individually I maybe a bit shy in doing something. Another one is the tax rebate available.

But the thought of my hard earned money getting swindled, even if such chances are minimal, is disturbing.

As such my new way is to give directly to deserving cases, many of which are available through media bringing the cases up. It’s okay to give 70% if tax rebate is an issue. At least the end use is assured.

That’s when yesterday at a cloth retail shop I was asked if I do mind if they add two rupees for child welfare.

But they just charged me Rs.5 for a carrybag which would cost maximum a rupee. After pocketing illegally four rupees, they made me give another two rupees. It should be six to the children, my two and their four.

What the heck!!!!

Solicited Charity……

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