Enjoying Avacado……

Availability of good avacado is often a challenge. That’s why I am excited when I found a few good looking and mature avacados.

The simplest and most satisfying preparation using Avacado is perhaps Guacamole.

And when the Nacho chips are at hand, one can empty the contents in no time. But this may be the only unhealthy part of it.

Scooped avacado with liberal lime squeezed, mixed with diced onions, half tomato, coriander leaves and adequate salt make the simple dish. Some jalapeño is recommended, but hot green chilli makes it truly Indian and spicy.

That’s not the end of the avacado celebration. Premium and fresh avacado juice is perhaps the best of fresh juices. Scooped avacado flesh with diluted skimmed milk, honey and some ice mixed well in Nutribullet is fit for a king.

Enjoying Avacado……

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