A Little Bit of Concern……

It’s not only that a research found out the importance of relationships and social activities, but even otherwise I am concerned at the slowing down in interactions here.

I enjoy the company here, though most of us really don’t know each other. The compassion and affection shown while interacting is certainly worth a lot, even though they don’t come under the real relationship and social activity categories.

Then if a slowdown is felt, it’s certainly a matter of concern.

I am at wrong in not taking enough time to see the friends here, which I will correct.

And I hope to get back to the busy days.

And with a wish to take friendship to a higher level I am leaving my contact details, hoping to be in touch more often.

Kurian Jacob, email: jacobkurian@hotmail.com

Phone: +91 9400056031

A Little Bit of Concern……

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