Live Long……Happily

This video is on a research predicting factors assisting long life. Social Interactions and Relationships top the list which probably would make many of us surprised.

Well, then why don’t we focus on them? They are good things, not very difficult like strenuous work out but sure to bring in happiness.

I know, talk to people is not entirely talking on social media and chats. But these may be the stepping stones.

I would earnestly seek to have the top two with each one of you.

If it helps here’s my:


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Live Long……Happily

11 thoughts on “Live Long……Happily

  1. Amazing video. I’ve actually read in a news report or something that more aged people die of loneliness than of actual health issues. Comes as no surprise that in today’s virtual reality world, we are losing touch with the real. Thanks for the share

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    1. Great
      Even in virtual world, interactions like ours are at least the second best to actual contacts. It actually gives some amount of satisfaction and happiness.
      We thus manage to widen our network and unknowingly from the club, perhaps

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