It’s Bali……

It’s our first overseas trip after coming back from Kuwait in June 2017. And the choice of Bali is perhaps natural.

For me it is my second visit, the earlier one quite a number of years back for an official conference of Citibank Diners.

I don’t remember the hotel name that Citibank hosted us, but it had ‘Putri’ as part of the name. But I remember the 2 million or so bill I signed (IDR of course). And I kept the bill for a long time to get a kick of feeling like a millionaire spendthrift.

The immigration formalities are quite commendable. There’s no visa fee and it gets stamped on the passport in a process faster than getting back through the counters in India for citizens. We just had to fill a simple customs from to say ‘no’ to drugs etc.

And then I went to the ATM and asked for 2.5 million. The machine requested a lower amount. I put 2 million but the request came again. I reduced to 1.5 for the same result. And finally I got a million and see my bank account debited by a mere less than Rs.5000 or less than $80.

Pullman Legion is a fine property. But we ventured out for a traditional Indonesian restaurant for lunch and my favourite Nazi Goreng.

It’s the first visit for Sunu, which is another reason. She gets one more plaque to her collection of plaques of countries she has visited.

The real adventure starts today. Last time I didn’t do anything as it was work. But of course I got invited to a traditional Bali residence of a relative of the fellow participant from Citibank Indonesia. And I remember saying it resembled a Kerala Tharavad with even a padipura.

It’s Bali……

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