Chakka Chips……Best in Class

This was Broadcasted on my Cooking Exotica and Fitness Group:

My First attempt at jackfruit chip, an all time favourite. A neighbor gave a raw jackfruit grown on her land and hence the adventure. Cutting the giant fruit is not easy. Elderly ladies who helped my mother needed one cut to get the big one into two. (Oru vett randu muri). Well I had to do the 51.

Cleaning and removing seeds etc took longer and cutting board used to cut while the said ladies could cut into uniform size, holding each fleshy raw fruit in hand, protecting their fingers with a rubber glove and slicing in lightning speed.

Mixed with some turmeric (I don’t think my mother used it) and deep fried in pure coconut oil. The turmeric and coconut oil produced enticing aroma when the chips are being done. Spread on kitchen towels and some added salt got my first jackfruit chips ready to munch.

Seeds are kept aside for another delicious Kerala special.

Chakka Chips……Best in Class

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