Reflecting on……

Though I have decided not to ponder on any New Years resolution, I would venture on to reflect on the past year/s.

A clear blessing has been the friendship I have with my contacts here on WordPress. Out of the now 618 contacts, I would know only about a couple of dozen, personally. Others I know, perhaps better, intellectually and in a way intimately.

So if I spend less time here, it’s my loss. If I miss any of the posts, it’s due to my mistake. As such, spending enough time in this prime company is worth it.

Reflecting, I have made some very good friends, managed to annoy at least one, but thanks to her magnanimity forgiveness graciously granted.

There are of course some regrets. There are a few who refuse to join in and their presence would have made me happier. Again there’s one who hasn’t forgiven the annoyance I caused elsewhere and I stay blocked.

On my style in posting, the six dots has a secret meaning and will stay.

Looking forward to closer interactions and the resultant feeling of happiness……

Reflecting on……

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