Unique Traditional Massage……

Perhaps this is the only one of it’s kind. The place has come to fame through testimonials of people who got nerve related chronic ailments cured.

The marma (pressure point) experts couple who developed this method over the years are quite unassuming and take in small number of people who are mostly recommended by those who got cure and benefits earlier.

They use polished cylindrical wooden planks of a special medicinal tree to roll the patients on or massage them at marma points. The wooden planks do the job of the hand or leg that other marma massage methods use.

Apparently the planks use the body weight for the massage.

What I hear is that most of those who went there got the relief.

I also went ahead for the massage while accompanying a patient who is getting the structured treatment for the particular ailment.

I would recommend the place to people who suffer from ailments like back problems, problems with hands and legs and vertigo.

The couple are now based in Changanachery in Kerala, having shifted from near Kanjirappally some 5 months back.

Unique Traditional Massage……

14 thoughts on “Unique Traditional Massage……

    1. Hello Pradita. Yes, I think I feel very refreshed. It was difficult for me to sit long on yoga mudra posture and I find it improved. They concentrated on my lower tummy and asked me to try and stretch and touch the toes without bending knee. I am going to practice and get there. Then it will be the side tyres which I have to address

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      1. Nice to know that you found it that useful. Please keep us posted on how this is working out for you. I’m sure there must be others like me who are tired of conventional medicine and physiotherapy that have been unsuccessful in solving our problems. Thanks 🙂

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      2. My wife feels much better, in fact very happy with the result. She had vertigo and 3 ENTs two Neuro with 2 MRI, audiometry, video balance tests etc with tons of medicines could not give much results.
        The caretaker of the Tharavad homestay told us about this place. He got a 30 years old back problem cured and his daughter got cured for vertigo. He said he had since sent about 400 people to the place and all but four or five got relief


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