New Year Wishes……

It is going to be a set of wishes and not resolutions that I will be setting on this New Year’s Eve.

Over a period of time, I have acquired an amount of discipline and reconciliation to train myself into practicing some of the good things among the generic wish lists.

Now on, I want to focus on things I wish to have. These then would include certain things which are not exactly recommended for health, moral and vanity reasons.

Perhaps I can call them compromises. Without these compromises, life could be more puritanical but happiness could be compromised.

Let’s consider the old sayings of healthy, wealthy and wise. All these three are now replaced with one word- happiness.

Now the new thing, real happiness is felt bodily. If happiness is pleasure, it has to be felt. Included are absence of aches and pains, feeling happy in love which is physically experienced, adventure which is not reading about it or watching movies, but it’s about getting there and doing it.

Bring in some compromises. Certain foods especially the sweet variety brings in memories and happiness when physically consumed. Select the best five and enjoy them which is a compromise to health, and at the same time compromise on other items in favour of healthy ones, violently, thus achieving a balance.

Emotional happiness is to be physically experienced. Here of course moral values and society demands certain controls, but tread carefully and do not hesitate where people involved are in consent to be happy.

Sounds more like a dream but it’s all about Dreams.

Happy New Year……

New Year Wishes……

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