Twitter and Me……

I am quite a fan of the social media opportunities for keeping in touch and making friends.

LinkedIn leads with about 3500 connections followed by Facebook with over 1000 friends. And this favourite blog site is blessed with over 1000 friends who I follow and 600 agreeing to look at my posts when they get time.

And I must add that some of the strongest friendships are in WordPress and we don’t even know any other contact details of each other.

I am also on Instagram and regularly follow about 1000 friends and some 300 follow my occasional contributions.

Then I have a group (broadcast group) in whatsapp to be in regular touch.

I have also a Twitter account. But I have very few connections there and I don’t post on twitter, nor do I follow anyone’s.

Maybe that, in my view Twitter is for expressing political and religious views, both of which I am not interested in entering into a discussion.

If the above view on twitter is true, then i am alright!!

Twitter and Me……

9 thoughts on “Twitter and Me……

  1. I love twitter more than any other social media.. there is nothing like political and religious, people tweet about many things there… That is a place where I find no much hustle- bustle like facebook … 😁

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      1. ambikabhardwaj says:

        I think its just fine! There are so many social media platforms! It’s almost insane now! I am quite happy with our good old blogger’s paradise here! 🙂

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