Relationship……From the Beginning.

Festive Seasons are good to remember people who touched our lives in many ways. Then you have special relationships with some of them.

As a child, we play with many friends and young and old. Here also there’re some incidents which make them qualified for joining the relationship category.

We get these unique experiences at various stages of our lives. They come from family, friends, relations, people who work with you and for you, neighbours and in the modern cyber world, those who you know only in the net!

Sometimes you can count hundreds. And each one of them is important. The memories are a sum total of all the experiences with them.

And when we sit down to remember, the heart feels just pleasure and in abundance.

And the dreams move around these beautiful people and create videos for us to view when we sleep or daydream.

No wonder then, some of you are lovers, intimates and even goddess……

Relationship……From the Beginning.

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