Prakriti Shakti…… Nature Power.

Developers of the place where we live, who’re probably the best resort people in India have come up with their latest resort ‘Prakriti Shakti’ in the High Ranges of Kerala.

I remember reading of Epicurus who some 2300 years back warning his disciples that immoderate pursuit of pleasure is likely to make them miserable rather than happy.

Even a couple of centuries earlier Buddha taught that pursuit of pleasure sensations is the root of suffering.

When we experience pleasure, we simply crave for more, thus making us unhappy when we don’t get them. That is, gaining happiness through biological manipulation is not easy.

There comes nature. When we embrace nature and if we can experience happiness and pleasure, it will be satisfying.

Prakriti Shakti, which the promoters call ‘the clinic for natural healing’ works on this concept.

Apparently, there’s no kitchen to cook food. Almost everything is fresh and natural. There are healing methods like mud bath etc, but no coffee or tea.

Those wanting to try need not worry. Food, fresh and non processed is available, including desert. One person who experienced described a fabulous desert dish as a tastefully prepared fruit, nuts and dates mixture wrapped in icing.

Well the ‘proof is in the icing’. They make sheets of crushed fruits like strawberries, papaya etc for layering and even use a thin sheet of beetroot, bringing in a deadly colour to the icing.

Combined with pleasant climate and fabulous views, the price tag of Rs.25,000 a day is proudly announced!!!!

And a minimum stay of one week for an effective healing.

Prakriti Shakti…… Nature Power.

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