Happiness……The Next Level.

Ever since my coach convinced me that happiness is the most important, I have been chasing it. She then told me that one can be even selfish to be happy.

Now the new idea that real happiness is to be bodily felt has captured my imagination.

Simply put, the body has to be devoid of any aches and pains to feel happiness and pleasure.

And then the stories and spectre of too many things harming the body. Main risk is the food where we are forced to eat dangerously contaminated fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and grains. Why bother listing, its everything.

And we hear the stories of how harmful the modern appliances and gadgets are. The microwave can kill, the refrigerator is injurious to health, mobile phones cause radiation.

It’s a dangerous world……

It’s important then to adjust the lifestyle with organic, fresh produce as food, and do exercises to tone up and prepare the body etc etc.

Love is the most beautiful and powerful of all feelings. Love then should bring in happiness. And yes, to be really really happy in love, it’s to be bodily felt.

There then is no dispute……

Happiness……The Next Level.

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