Wet Pack……

My Yoga Master suggested wet-pack for effective tummy reduction and for a healthy pancreas resulting in regulated blood sugar.

It’s simple, it’s a wet towel would around the tummy and waist, in the morning on empty stomach for half an hour.

The towel need not be wet at the back side but the portion covering the front and sides should be wet.

I do this now, every morning while watching the migratory and local birds getting busy on the backwaters.

There’s certainly a result, but I must say that there’s a combination of factors such as swimming, resistance workout, a bit of walking and pull ups. All topped with Yoga classes.

And on food, a portion control is supplemented with an attempt at just fruits for dinner, fresh vegetables as snacks and limited use of processed foods.

For indulgence, where I am a victim, restrict them to all time favourites like ‘Kunju’s Jamroll’, ‘Ann’s white halva, laddu, juicy red jilebi, bread pudding and Sunu’s special Trifle Pudding and a regular bite on the Snickers bar

I can easily pass ice creams, cakes, muffins and other packaged foods but not the traditional sweets dishes like payasam, ela Ada, paani etc.

I am writing this for anyone who would like to follow them, except the indulgence part of it please..

Wet Pack……

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