Life Expectancy……Rising Bar.

Life expectancy is just growing. Predictions say that it could reach 120 by 2050 and 150 by 2100.

And then there’s talk about the stem cell researchers and others working on conquering death.

That’s challenging the one thing that’s said to be certain- death!!

When someone becomes immortal, he’s a god. Well that’s what mankind is looking for, to be equal to gods.

But then these gods die. Scriptures are full with stories of fights among gods and the killings, some in brave fights, some through deceits.

And we have enough ammunitions in the present day world to address the spectre of earth being full with centurions. We have wars, terrorists, famine, natural calamities and even suicides.

Then what we do if peace comes to the world! By 2100, most people will be the retired variety. Social Security, the NHS and the like in developed world crumble, pension funds will go bankrupt, insurance companies just wind up.

Even a life expectancy of 100, which every child born today can safely inherit will have the pension and old age care systems to fail.

Start addressing this spectre, if we are serious about doing something for the future generations……

Life Expectancy……Rising Bar.

17 thoughts on “Life Expectancy……Rising Bar.

    1. Haha Pradita! Yes our generation has a problem. But they say that they have progressed on things like replacing and repairing organs etc while beating death. But the issue would be money to support these ageless oldies. Robotics and automation are taking jobs away. Probably a new business segment may open up. Crèche for 100+ years

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      1. Precisely. How are we supposed to support such a huge aged population, especially since there has been a slump in the job market (or so they say). India already has the world’s youngest population. Imagine having the aged as well and our inflation rates, plus illiteracy. This is a sure recipe for bankruptcy

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  1. Let’s not forget that other technology is also progressing. Assuming an upwards curve, we’ll also have robots to do our work for us, so we can all retire and live off the dole. We’ll have AI to solve technical issues. We even know how to live a healthy life until we die, if we are willing to avoid processed foods for that which we cook ourselves and get some exercise. My biggest worry is that we won’t use green technology before reaching the tipping point and global warming runs away with our future.

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  2. Sir, I believe everything has its time. As a kid i dreamt that when i would grow up and start earning money i will spend all that money in buying chocolates and ice creams. Now tat i had enuf of them, i hardly take a look at them when the age came in. Similarly by the time the life completes its larger journey of experiences, realisation of dreams, spending time with loved ones and the feeling of attainment, I believe there would not be much left for the soul to conquer and the interest to live fading away slowly and people happily embracing death at times. Well the heart someday may love to embrace death too when time comes.
    Coming to the practicality, many european countries are already facing the heat of diminished young population which results in absence of social security contribution. No doubt why they happily invite the immigrants to work in their country who could contribute to their social welfare. Japan has introduced child allowance in tax breaks to induce their citizens to make a family, as they generally wed at the age of 30-40 each first working towards their career platform.
    It would be good to let the nature live the way it was created as not sure what reaction it may bring with it, when one tampers with it.

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  3. Rightly said … but with growing nuclear family tradition, children moving to different cities or abroad… elderly people staying alone in huge houses or bedridden or dependent on servants , in old age homes … what is the point of such longevity … I think a meaningful and short one is much better…. ☺️ however I know God has plans for all and we just have to follow.

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