A Fish Boutique……

Madhu’s Restaurant on the National Highway at Cherthala on way to Alapuzha from Kochi is a 16 seater fish paradise.

Tipped by the Directors of Kerala’s (may be India’s) best resort and restaurant group, Sunu and I ventured out there for lunch.

We were advised to be early to avoid spending time in the queue and we were just in time to occupy the last of the four tables.

I am sure, Sunu would have turned back when we saw the place, if it was not strongly recommended by the connoisseurs.

We ordered prawn fry, Seer fish fry and varal (Kerala delicacy) curry along with rice, vegetables, ully theeyal (onion gravy with ginger), sambar, pulissery and very tasty buttermilk.

Seer fish or king fish fry is good, but recommendation is to go for some exclusive sardine fry, and some smaller fish like Natholi etc.

Prawn fry is mildly spiced and can be described as out of the world. Highly recommended for the adventurous foodies.

A Fish Boutique……

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