Nature……And It’s Many Ways.

Just put your foot into the lily pond and enjoy the fish spa.

Nature has many ways of exciting us. It pays to pay attention to it and such thrills are abundant.

Here the small guppies are too obliging to explore what I have done to be close to them.

Or, perhaps they are saying that they know it’s the beautiful lily that must have brought me to them.

Simple, but great experience……

Nature……And It’s Many Ways.

9 thoughts on “Nature……And It’s Many Ways.

  1. My father says he used to put his feet in the thoda (creek) when he was a boy, and he said his feet were always cleaner afterword:D I’ve never done it myself since I’ve been brought up in the U.S., but it’s nice to find that other malayalees have done this too, and not just a peculiarity of my dad!

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