Grocery Shopping Apps……

I was in Lulu Mall and came across a friend at the fruits and vegetables area. He used to, occasionally, look at his phone and tap on something while we were having a chat.

Realizing that it may not be all too polite, he explained why he has to do that. His wife is also in the mall and they have a shared application on the phone to plan the shopping and when one of them buys an item in the list, it is updated for the other to see so that it is not bought again, or the other person need not take the trouble of searching for the item.

I liked the idea, but didn’t think much about it till I located my wife in the mall and realized that we bought certain things double or we have not got certain things in the list as I thought she would buy and she thought I would.

I should have asked a full review from my friend on the application he is using. I can still do that, but google should be guiding me.

And yes, we have a very strong group here and I request suggestions and recommendations for the right application that we should download on our IPhones.

The usual practice of shopping together is not recommended for:-

  1. Shopping approaches of two people are different
  2. Verifying and comparing prices will slow down the process
  3. You can’t change habits and you can’t change impatinece
  4. Being alone gives more freedom to shop the way you like
  5. Less chances of irritation
  6. Faster shopping
  7. Less disturbance to fellow shoppers. Think about a family of nine in horizontal file on the shopping alley
  8. Thrill of using technology and appearing ‘smart’.

App recommendations are welcome


Grocery Shopping Apps……

9 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Apps……

    1. We are also poles apart that way. But I need my fruits, vegetables and other healthy options and don’t have the inclination to go through her brilliance in taking time to evaluate the products

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    1. Good and easy
      But I am attracted by the online updates so that the family can be spread out in the mall, patronising the favourite sections and getting the list completed without duplication

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