I Do Miss Those Posts……

After having positioned myself as an ardent follower of the lovely posts from my friends in this wonderful blog community, I must admit that I miss some bloggers’ posts.

Even though there are many to keep me fully engaged in absorbing the beauty and wisdom that I can cherish in reading the many posts from my dear bloggers, it would have been better if I could see them also back for company.

And I want to tell them that I search to see if they are back.

Then there are a few of my close friends who choose to read what I write from the email alerts they receive. I do wish that they come into the mainstream and start their own pages for me to follow. It is lovely to see your posts, comments and likes.

And now you know, I check every now and then to see all of you. I am happy seeing you and reading you.

But I do miss you, who I can’t see these days……

I Do Miss Those Posts……

26 thoughts on “I Do Miss Those Posts……

  1. Glad to see this post on time. I bet I’m one of those people who never come back to your posts, even though you’ve been more than gracious with mine. So here I am today, to read up what KJ has to say in this place he calls ‘his blog’. Have a great day πŸ™‚

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  2. I know what you mean. What bothers me most is when people stop writing. I always want to encourage people because everyone was born to say something. Some of us have a lot more to say. I’m sorry if I loose people in here. No excuse. I’m trying to come up with ways to discipline myself and make sure I visit everyone on a regular basis.

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  3. You are really kind person Kurian. I guess we started blogging around the same time & even I’m missing few friends here . I regularly check their blogs but they inactive since many days . Hope they will come back & start this journey again.

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