Virgin Coconut Oil……My Favorite

I have been an advocate of coconut and its products right from the beginning. And then comes the awareness on the benefits, especially with the virgin coconut oil.

There are essentially three methods of producing virgin coconut oil (as I understand). 1) Cold Press Method 2) Centrifugal Method and 3) Boiling Method. Some specialized tools are required for 1 and 2 and I am now an expert in method 3.

The main reason for making the virgin oil at home is the lack of confidence on products we see on the shelf with all glorified labels. Nowadays it is just that “for comfort and confidence, better make things on your own”

The below is my home production using 8 fresh coconuts



I make it using the long process and it’s fun, so far. I mean I could have adopted some short cuts like getting grated fresh coconut, but I start from the coconut with husk removed. It’s fun to break the shell into two, collecting the water for chilling and drinking later.

The coconut flesh are then scooped out of the shells using a small knife, cut and crushed in Nutribullet, ready for squeezing the milk out, The coconut milk then boiled in a hard bottom vessel (uruli) till the oil is separated.

The residue after oil separated is a likable delicious product which has a colloquial name of Kakkan (below).


The coconut after the milk is squeezed out is used for making energy bars with dates, banana (sometimes), nuts and spices added. When kakkan is used for the bars, I call them luxury bars (below)


Now the planting plans in Thidanad would include coconuts. For this I have to get the high oil content and dwarf varieties of coconut trees planted


The picture is of high yielding TxD variety developed by the Kerala coconut board. Half this yield would make the planter happy

With the coconuts available in the land, I have to install a small scale cold press virgin coconut oil production unit……

Virgin Coconut Oil……My Favorite

25 thoughts on “Virgin Coconut Oil……My Favorite

  1. You’ll become my primary source of Virgin Coconut Oil once your unit is up and running, because I love coconut oil too and I use it for everything, right from cooking, to brushing teeth to even making moisturizers and balms. It’s an excellent product of nature that offers a wealth of goodness in whichever form its found.

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