Mullan Pazham…… (Rambutan)


‘Mullan Pazham’ has been there since my childhood memory and used to grow practically wild in our Thidanad home. This is photo taken in 2012 before the fruits are matured.

Now rambutan is one of the preferred exotic fruits which planters are growing scientifically. High yielding and sweeter varieties are developed and planted and from the reports, it is highly remunerative.

Food is always in demand and I can visualize more and more organised planting of this exotic fruit.

There are essentially two kinds of rambutan, the red and the yellow. Both taste similar and a mixed growth is a colorful site

The red:-

Rambuttan red

The yellow:

rambutan yellow

The eatable part is inside the thorny outer cover and has a small seed as shown here

rambutan fruit

A truly delicious exotic fruit and I have to include this in my planting plans

Mullan Pazham…… (Rambutan)

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