Anjali Chakka……The Fruit to Taste……

A delicacy,  with Scientific name: Artocarpus hirsutus, seen in Kerala but most difficult to get hands on! The reason, they are grown on very tall and majestic Anjali tree. Some are grown nearer to the ground as seen below and can be plucked at the right time.

Anjali wood is almost equal in quality as teak and used for construction particularly the roof of Kerala style houses. 

The fruit has thorny outer cover like jackfruit and hence the name attachment, Chakka (jackfruit).

All the flowers won’t grow up to become fruits. Some like the long one with polen like cover on the left to the young fruit below, probably is for pollination and falls to the ground in a dry condition. 

We used to use this instead of candles to light and burst crackers as the little flame of a lit thiri will last more than half an hour (I think much more).

During the naughty hostel days, some of our gang members used it to produce a delayed burst of a cracker outside the warden’s room. Like a remote control.

Anjali Chakka has a place in my plans to grow exotic fruits……

Anjali Chakka……The Fruit to Taste……

24 thoughts on “Anjali Chakka……The Fruit to Taste……

      1. Maram ponghi poyi, eppol Keran pattukilla. Pandu oral marathel kerum randuper chakkumayittu thazhe, thattiyidunnath പൊട്ടി പൊകാതെ പിടിക്കാൻ

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    1. Yes Khusnuma, this is probably one of the rarest and most delicious. Irony is that the tree grows to some 25 meters and the seeds are tiny like half of an almond.
      I am keeping this in mind and should get some when you visit us

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    1. Hi, hello.. thanks
      I am not sure if it’s been enjoyed outside Kerala. I would rate this among the best in exotic fruits
      I am looking at planting some hybrid early flowering shorter plants and who knows, you will visit my farm and taste it fresh from the tree.
      Why not!
      In the meantime I will remember to send any new details that I come across.
      Thank you for the interest and have a great day

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  1. Jane says:

    It is so delicious and we had a tree in my maternal grandfather’s home, but sadly due to its height I haven’t tasted this fruit since the mid 70s but even to this day I can relish this taste. Haven’t found it anywhere since then😔


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