Sunset Over the Water……

It’s indeed a beautiful sight to watch the sunset over the water. The sun perhaps is at it’s best before going to sleep and doubly so with a reflection in the water.

Though this happens every evening, every day it’s different and special.

This was last evening, when we were with friends from Standard Chartered, Bangalore days in the balcony. The few minutes of splendour made the reunion special.

The good thing about it is that, it’s there every day for more and more reunions and also for meeting new friends acquired here.

That’s progress……

I am reminded of a cartoon which depicted a powerful marketing message with a tag line reading “we take care of existing customers while chasing new ones”. (I don’t have the cartoon, but hope to assemble the idea someday, as it’s a very powerful representation of my mind now).

That’s my dream series and it’s main character……

Sunset Over the Water……

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