A Slip Between the Cup and the Lip…… And Now……

Having worked in countries like India, Philippines, Hong Kong, London and Kuwait; with responsibilities in some 40 countries; Singapore and UAE are in my mind for completing a logical round.

And I thought UAE was in hand with an attractive work template, when it got pulled out on Thursday evening right at the brink of finalisation.

Disappointed, oh yes……

But is that a reminder that it’s time to get back to roots to do somethings that are being spoken off quite often?

And I think so……

That is planting the things I want and building a small farm house to enjoy the fruits of labor.

They are mangoes, jackfruit, mangostine, Rambuttan, guavas, avacado, passion fruit, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and coconut trees with a small cold press unit for virgin coconut oil.

And sometime back I introduced an idea of sharing trees. That is my friends internationally can share in the planting by owning trees. For example, own five mango trees by sharing the planting and maintenance costs.

Sounds like a business, but the nominal cost and the opportunity to visit at harvesting time to pluck own mangoes is designed to have great company and holiday opportunity.

For example, the proposed farmhouse in Thidanad and day trips to some of the ‘Gods’ Own Country’s prestine locations could be the experience of a lifetime. That too while enjoying the fruits sitting under own trees.

Must work hard on this……

A Slip Between the Cup and the Lip…… And Now……

11 thoughts on “A Slip Between the Cup and the Lip…… And Now……

  1. Pardon me for saying this….you are a true blue “Mallu Nasrani”, and if you can’t do agree-culture or cultivate something, Kuriacha, you are hurting the community….enjoy man…from a lazy farmhouse struggler…it’s always been shall complete planting all the trees I want someday, but working on the net has been my real bread and butter…so get your priorities sorted out first…..wishing you well…I know you will get through!

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