Biriyani Chai…… is Now Dancing Tea


We were to Calicut Paragon restaurant in Lulu Mall yesterday and quite naturally asked for Biriyani Chai. The restaurant people brought it without hesitation but I was surprised to find out that they have changed the name to ‘Dancing Tea’.

Yes that’s what it is given in the menu and that is what appeared in the bill.

So they changed the name! Well the name must have come in the first instance from them only, as the restaurant is famous for the biriyani

And it is my experience also that when I posted on this wonderful tea here, and my attempts in making it, there were a few comments, while liking my post, dissociating from the name of the tea.

So the restaurant also must have faced similar response from customers who are not into biriyani. The extreme reaction I heard was that of feeling like puking at the word biriyani.

There are of course people who don’t like biriyani, and those who may like biriyani, but don’t want it to be associated with their favorite tea. And biriyani, though the vegetarian versions are available is mostly non-vegetarian.

The good thing here is that, Paragon has abandoned the signature name. Now I take ownership of the ‘Biriyani Chai’ and the brand name is now mine.

What is left now is to get to make the authentic Biriyani Chai!

Watch this space for ‘Kurians’ Biriyani Chai’……

Biriyani Chai…… is Now Dancing Tea

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