Minnamminung…… (firefly)


In my childhood days in Thidanad, we had plenty of these minnanninungs to decorate a night sky. During the cooler and clearer days and nights of those days, we used to get them in the bedrooms, like wee..willie…winkie looking to see if all the children are asleep.

Then there was a period, when we were away studying and working, during which these beautiful ones sort of disappeared, prompting us to use the dreaded word ‘extinct’!!

Here we have them, sitting quietly on a banana leaf on a rainy day, waiting for the night to come out with their pleasing lights blinking on and off, to decorate the night sky and to see who are asleep and may be to see what we are doing at night.

Or, are they giving us some light!


‘Lead Kindly Light’

Minnamminung…… (firefly)

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