Rainy Bangalore……

Some very heavy rains in Bangalore have resulted in the city getting flooded in many areas. Apparently all the rivers, tanks and reservoirs are full, which is good for the water starved city in the medium to long term though the immediate calamity and suffering are to be addressed.

I got this below photo from the people at Deemandala near Bangalore adjacent to Dobaspet and Nelamangala. This man-made lake developed by the founder/ managing director of the 3000+ acre development, MG (for initials) who is recipient of Indian President’s award for water conservation, is now full and overflowing.

My farmland is within this development and adjacent to this lake.

The forthcoming trip to bangalore then should include some boating and fishing in the lake. The  lake has carp which is not an easy fish to catch. I must then study it’s behaviour, appropriate bait and angling method to stand a chance.

Interestingly I got this video which claims to be on a road near Bangalore. That’s easy fishing!!

This video doesn’t exist

Rainy Bangalore……

9 thoughts on “Rainy Bangalore……

  1. We used to catch carp when we were trying not to. We used a carp for bait in a crawfish trap which we hung off our float into the river. Otherwise with our carp you needed to keep them in a tub of fresh water until they had cleaned themselves out. Also they were terribly bony.

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