Multidimensional…… a Very Desirable Personality Trait.

Standard Charterd Bank organised an exclusive personality development and training program by a very clever and famous trainer lady from Brazil. Us, a mostly male bunch of upstarts from the bank were immediately awed by the look and magnificently maintained appearance of the trainer (sorry, coach).

This initial enthusiasm soon turned into anxiety as the coach managed to rip through us exposing our poorly hidden personality weaknesses. Soon I started getting a feeling that I was getting a lot of attention from her and started enjoying while some self proclaimed wiz kids even came to me and confessed that they are getting confused.

The coach had the skills of breaking down a person and putting back by the time the course was over. And at the last dinner my super boss who organised the session, knowing her from his earlier employer Citibank, came up to me, put his hands on my shoulder and commented with a pat ‘multidimensional man’.

He repeated the word in his review comments in my performance appraisal for that year. 

So much bragging as an introduction to what I have to say here.

Our blog community help us to be multidimensional and I urge my friends to spend some time with each and other of us and see our friendship becoming multidimensional.

In the physical world we like some people more than others. That’s true and natural.

But in the blog world, we like and support each and everyone. That’s simply amazing. We come across many people of different background and culture, but we feel connected with each one of us for what we’re.

In short we become multidimensional……

We read posts by people of various qualities and views and feel free to comment and get involved without any baggage or guilt. We are different people, but when we become multidimensional we get the skills to adjust and compliment each and every situation.

I have in fact benefited when a very talented and very young blog friend politely corrected me when I erred. That’s the privilege we have here.

So my dear friends, the time we spend for each other is worth it’s value in the highest measure and it helps us become multidimensional……

Multidimensional…… a Very Desirable Personality Trait.

14 thoughts on “Multidimensional…… a Very Desirable Personality Trait.

  1. Very lovely post Kurian. Nice reading you. I do feel the love of this WordPress community. It’s kinda like the connection the characters of the TV series Sense 8 have with each other. In this series, a group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world’s order. Blogging as this power to open new door and to bring new opportunity and friendship to our life. It’s amazing.

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    1. Wow Dominique. This response from you is more than it’s worth in gold. It summarises it all.
      So we’re connected for a purpose. It’s just like the TV series, we are going to be there and survive any attempts at being hunted down. Thank passion, comradiary, and love and affection of our group will survive and flourish.
      Thank you for opening my eyes and thank you for the wonderful compliment.

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