Exotic Fruits, the Next Big Thing……

This picture has some of the fruits that my brothers send with me on my return from my home visit to Thidanad. 

The dark ones nearer to the chair are the all time favourite mangostine. The reds in front and the yellowish are ramboottans (mullan pazham from my childhood days), the dark ones above them with thorns are pulasan and the green ones are guavas.

There’s is a silent revolution taking place among the Kerala planters. With some unprecedented volatility in the prices of some traditional cash crops like cardamom, black pepper and rubber, many are getting into some scientific planning of these exotic fruits which earlier were grown practically wild.

Kerala planters are innovators and pioneers in experiments and cocoa and vanilla plantations are just some examples.

Both turned out to be non success trials as the prices were dependent on processor buying which unfortunately may not be catering to producer interest.

But these fruits are best eaten raw and food probably will find a market always. With increasing incomes and with more and more consumers coming up for consumption of exotic items, there would always be an increasing demand.

Encouraged by the high returns, Kerala planters are also growing avacado, passion fruit, jackfruit (more so now as a health food), kiwi and even dragonfruit.

Something which I have been passionately planning but yet to start.

But I will……

Exotic Fruits, the Next Big Thing……

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