Coping Up in the Wonderful World of Bloggers……

Ever since I shut down the ‘dream series’ respecting feedback of some bloggers I admire, I have a bit of difficulty in coping up in this august company.

The best way to do it, perhaps, is acknowledging the fact that I am more of a follower of the talent here than the talented guy.

That gives me the option to be present and active here and I spare no effort at an opportunity to express my appreciation of the valuable contributions of my blogger friends.

I have also just contacted a very talented person who kindly agreed to be my email follower and urged her to start blogging herself. That will be a valuable contribution to my followership……

So please do blog……will follow 

Coping Up in the Wonderful World of Bloggers……

16 thoughts on “Coping Up in the Wonderful World of Bloggers……

    1. Wow Achu. That’s the best compliment from the best source. I am very happy.
      You made my day 😊
      And remember, i am a mentor and meant to inspire. But I have a task at hand. To inspire you


  1. I rarely comment but your post grabbed me. It moved me. It’s beautifully written because it’s raw, honest, and oozing humility. I absolutely love it. Please allow me this: perhaps your self-image that you are not the talented guy is not accurate. Rarely does our internal critic hit the mark. I find you refreshing, engaging, and well…talented, just from this alone. My humble opinion for what it’s worth. 🙂

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