Wow…… This’s Worth a Real Dream……

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Now I know. The car I bought recently will be my last petrol / diesel car. The dream is now set on this Porsche and who says I can shut down my Dream Series?

I still would depend on my lovely friends to continue to correct me and guide me to sanity when I drift…

And I do hope that I will get a thumbs up to this dream.

I had my dream set on Tesla, when it comes to india. But Elon is busy with much bigger things anyway.

And Porsche, I came close to one in Kuwait but my lady staff had a caution on my choice, branding it a lady’s vehicle and urging me to go for the bigger one which was not in the budget.

Now, if this happen, then it’s two birds in hand, the Porsche and Clean Energy.

Till then it’s in the Dreams……😍

Wow…… This’s Worth a Real Dream……

18 thoughts on “Wow…… This’s Worth a Real Dream……

      1. Family first my friend. Love blogging, but the kids come first. Than the husband and the work. Still, I have been writing a lot for the blog. Come check it out. You might like the post on multitasking! Take care my friend.

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