Kerala Mansoons……

Mansoon is the best time in Kerala. That’s when the rainforest state, fondly called ‘Gods Own Coutry, is at her best.

In addition to some premonsoon showers, there are two essential rainy periods in this green state.

The main one is the South West Mansoon starting literarily on the 1st of June and interestingly on the day when the schools get opened after two months of summer holidays.

This beautiful period with sheets of rain lasts into the month of September. Though the rains are heavy to very heavy, there’s no thunder and lightning to foil the spirits of the tender hearted like me. I enjoy this period, just sitting in my balcony and watching the sheets of water or driving through the countryside.

Given a chance I would get out into the rain and wish I have the company like in childhood days to play in the rain.

And I like to swim in the pool for exercise when it’s raining.

The North East monsoon starts in the middle of October, corresponding to the Malayalam month ‘Thulam’. The rain is usually in the afternoon with bright mornings. 

The rain is heavy and swift resulting in rivers getting flooded with murky water from the hills resembling a flash flood.

The water clears in the morning and is an ideal time to swim in the river.

But the evening rain brings with it loud thunder and flashy lightning. People tend to be inside and I may have to shift my swimming to the morning.

Since light travels faster than sound, the lightning strikes without any warning at the speed of light. And the sound of thunder follows with longer gap when it’s at a distance.

As such the second monsoon starting now is a mixed bag! We had continuous fireworks throughout night, the day before. First time when a magnificent light and fire display on the sky become unwanted. 

Lightning and thunder go away.                          and don’t come again another day.                               not so little Kurian (kj) wants to play ……                                          

Kerala Mansoons……

21 thoughts on “Kerala Mansoons……

    1. Yes Prajakta, I know.
      And do it more often and visit some of the less known but more tranquil places here. Use me for references and I will be more than happy to be of service 😊
      Good morning and have a great day


  1. I’ve visited Kerala in 2006 Monsoon over there is not just rain, a paradise for every kind of tourists blessed with nature’s bounties and offers a memorable stay ❤ can’t wait to visit Kerala again in 2018 😆, Kurian be ready to guide me though this beautiful emerald land.

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