Dream Series……Closed Down 

I started writing here to express myself as a dreamer, a daydreamer for that matter and a living Walter Mitty.

I also added writing a book into the bucket list.

Like in all dreams there are characters living or fictional. The best was when characters were invited from mythical avatars and of heavenly attributes. For some reason the characters from the dark world were spared. Maybe for selfish reasons as I wanted only good to happen.

Like we know, we can’t easily mix dreams with real life. And I thought it’s safe here as we don’t know each other. But that’s not entirely correct. Some of us are aquatinted and still some more are revealed. Naturally mixing real people with imaginary features is not nice.

Of course I got reprimanded and I am thankful of that reminder. The result is closing down the series. And I play with the characters and dreams in my dreams only.

An obvious casualty would be the book in the bucket list.

But it is added and I have to find an alternative. Perhaps the collection from my ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness could work out to a certain number of pages.

That then could be a start……

Dream Series……Closed Down 

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