Pull- Up …… Building Muscles 

It was, when working in Hong Kong that I developed some muscles. Some regular workout for about an hour and half on weekdays and two and half on weekends in the sophisticated gym, about 6 days a week, shaped me up.

Like in our blog group, it’s a pleasure when we have like minded people meeting and making us be regular. Regular in the minus four level gym of No 7 Richmond Place in Richmond Road, mid levels, Hong Kong where Standard Chartered Bank gave us the accommodation and online here with blog friends.

Regular workout resulted in toned muscles and fellow gymmers noticed the change in me and started treating me as a coach. The best was when we had a bank meeting in Bangkok and my boss, my functional boss, lateral boss and I ventured into Bangkok streets in the evening. A tight black body fit T-Shirt was just showing off which attracted some on the street who came up, pressed my consciously expressed muscles and said ‘healthy man’.

My bosses reaction ‘Kurian, get out of here’

But I didn’t get a six-pack!

And I was told that I didn’t include pull ups in my gym schedule and hence no six pack!!

This is me, last evening after a 150 km car drive, in the gym. First time when i approached the pull up unit, I could not even hang on to the bar. Now I can go upto head level to the bar and 4 repeats. If and when I manage to get upto chest level, the packs could appear!!! Tough going indeed. But ‘no pain, no gain!!’

Pull- Up …… Building Muscles 

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