Cooking Exotica…… Experiments in Healthy & Traditional Recipe……

I started the ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness series in a bid to gainfully use some of my personal time and to try out some of the traditional dishes. 

I have a whatsapp Broadcast Group of over 250 and some of them give feedback and encouragement.

Another start-up is the ‘dream series’ here which hasn’t gone down very well as, when mixed with real life it would read stupid and avoidable. I am now closing down the dream series and the book in my bucket list has to rely on something else.

Ela Ada, a traditional Kerala dish is an all time favourite.

Here rice powder with required salt is kneaded in hot (boiling) water into large lemon sized balls. Grated coconut with jaggery spiced with cardamom and cumin powder is set aside.

Fresh banana leaf is then run over slight fire to make it malleable and cut into squares. Roll the rice balls on it using wet hand making a nice thin base. Place the coconut mix on one side and fold the leaf making the other side of the rice base to cover the coconut side. I steamed the 11 such sets into delicious Ela Ada.

Experiment with Egg Fruit 

I got two rare egg fruits from ancestral house in Thidanad and here’s is an innovative salad 

The egg fruit is mixed with sliced carrots, cut celery, parsley and feta cheese. Topped with some black pepper powder into the this yellow and slightly sweet salad.
Amazing Pineapple Slicer 

Use the slicer for perfect rings. The central portion standing in the middle of the pineapple shell is full of fibre and sweet and is my favourite. The pineapple slices will go in two s’ into Nutribullet for a healthy fruit and leafy vegetable juice……

Cooking Exotica…… Experiments in Healthy & Traditional Recipe……

24 thoughts on “Cooking Exotica…… Experiments in Healthy & Traditional Recipe……

    1. Thank you Mona. Yes there’s some amount of interest in the pineapple slicer. It’s on amazon.
      Are you getting one. In which case I want you to take note of one safety precaution. Make sure that your fingers are not anywhere near the slicer blade when it moves down the pineapple. Please…


  1. Until I became a vegetarian all I knew about cooking was frying meat and opening cans. But vegetables can be so boring that I actually had to learn what I was doing. I’m not a vegetarian anymore, because when I moved to China I smelled their dishes and just surrendered. Fortunately Chinese food was so much healthier than American food I lost ten pounds anyway.

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  2. Ella Ada is every Keralite’s fav & so is mine!! The soft texture & not to mention steamed sweet (actually its not too sweet) is just what you need after a hearty meal or I could skip a meal to enjoy an extra one. The pineapple slicer looks neat. Shall look it up on Amazon.

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    1. Thank you
      And the slicer is on Amazon. Actually the photos resulted in a number of enquiries and i searched amazon and it’s there.
      One word of caution though , please make sure that your fingers are not anywhere near where the blade is cutting through. It’s very sharp

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