Awards, Friendship, Love and Dreams……

I find it best in this blog group. Here’s where one is free, free to dream, love and support and also get supported.

Some of my sweet friends have nominated me for blog awards. I haven’t responded properly on that, mainly because I didn’t try how to follow the requirements, like of nominating 10 others and sending them a link. It’s not that I don’t want awards but a lack of understanding of the process. But thank you for the love and affection.

I am very happy here. I can dream freely and my dreamer instinct is fully satisfied. Perhaps there’s a subtle difference between dreams and daydreams. I am of a daydreamer category, a fantasiser like Walter Mitty.

The subtle difference is that a Walter Mitty will bring dreams into real life. Believe me that feeling is divine. But there’re hurdles. I have examples.

For a first example, my dreams ended up real when I started the routine of tucking up my young mentee in bed. Not in person, but real daydreaming online. If you have read my second poem on the subject, it’s about that. But when people are known to each other and families, hurdles and curfew entails.

And the biggest of them all, real dreams of Aphrodite in person and my falling squarely in love with her. And again when it’s real, others get involved and curfew of blocking on whatsapp etc.

But true love has to survive, and remember, Aphrodite is goddess and she gave the stone from her rock and love and dreams continue around her stone πŸ’“

That’s my first poem on love, stone etc 

Third of the poetry from this novice is from the blog circle, the one on ‘N’ when you don’t how to count the number on love ❀️ 

There’s no curfew on the third one, I hope, as it’s in the blog group. Here we have the best of relationships without necessarily knowing who we’re.

Sometimes I get confused. For example, chanced on seeing a photo. The feeling is O’ no, i am not worthy of this beauty. And someone’s age, it’s not even 18! and a child blogger posting her photo. Again O’ no, you are not to be there.

But it all binds together in the realm of talent. After all I fell in love with Aphrodite when she exhibited wisdom beyond age. 

I must mention here that there are the best of connections fit for real life also. But it’s prudent to keep the dreams, love and relationships within the safe walls of the blog empire, which is like heaven on earth and the angels and mortals don’t know each other, except in the heavenly meaningful relationship……

(A blog, which is better suited for classification under the dream series)

Awards, Friendship, Love and Dreams……

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